How Did AWS Happen To Me?

This past year, I successfully completed AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certificates. But this did not happen coz I had a plan, dream, or aspiration to learn about Cloud. It happened because I stumbled upon something.

(I am not suggesting that you should not have a dream, desire, or aspiration rather I am a strong advocate of it)

Early 2021 when we all were working from home, an Amazon recruiter connected with me here on Linkedin and asked if I was open for a Program Management role.

He explained the JD and also mentioned that the Program Manager needs to understand the Architecture document.

That was a strange request!!

Why would a Program Manager be able to read and understand architecture doc? What are the architects doing?

I suggested that there has been a mistake and he should check with his manager. I spoke to the manager and tried to reason out.

He explained the process and that made sense to me.

Of course, things didn’t move ahead coz of my lack of knowledge and understanding in that field.

But this is where I found the opportunity!

Let’s start with understanding what is Cloud?

With little googling, I found out about free training resources on

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials has some amazing content. This is what I recommend to anyone who wants to know about AWS Cloud or learn about cloud in general. (Even if the certification is not on your mind just go ahead and take up this course.)

After I completed the course, I came across the certification roadmap by AWS

So having finished this course, as I prepared to appear for the certification? No

Certification requires a bit deeper knowledge, the base was ready and the concepts were clear here what helped me were the brain dumps

Great resource but only for AWS Cloud Practioner.

Did you ask why? Read on, I’ll tell you

I had a near-perfect score on this exam! BTW once you are certified, AWS gives you 50% off on the next test.

Since my objective was to crack the understanding of the architecture my next logical step was AWS Solutions Architect Associate.

This wasn’t a straight road ahead.

How much ever I love solving situation-based questions, this was a bit tough. There were a couple of resources I had tapped into

PS: For the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam free-braindumps didn’t prove to be very effective. Some of the answers to the questions weren’t satisfactory, but I can't blame it, it is after all a free resource.

Most of my learning came from solving more questions daily, taking mock tests, and failing again & again. After each question I got wrong, it was an opportunity for me to learn and understand something new.

What Next?

Of course, I want to compete AWS Solution Architect Professional Certificate. I’ve heard experts say that the next goal should be to get the other two Associate levels certifications before attempting the professional one.

Maybe I’ll follow the advice, till then I was to start writing and educate people on:

  • Current trends, forecast
  • Simplify technology understanding
  • Write about entrepreneurial opportunities using the cloud and much more.



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